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Ron & Atalanta

ARK PhotoWorks is the collaboration of husband and wife team, Ron & Atalanta Kirk.

A native of the Pacific Northwest, Ron’s earliest introduction to photography was meticulously watching his father develop photographs in his own darkroom.  

Forward a few decades, Ron’s extensive travels throughout the USA have honed his photographic eye. He is now highly proficient in photography, lighting and the darkroom and digital studio.

Atalanta, raised by a family of photographers in London, England, was introduced to both sides of the camera, not to mention one of it’s most prized subjects - fashion and styling.

Atalanta is well versed in the work of some of the masters of fashion photography, Newton, Beaton, Avedon, Bailey and the work of her father, John Cowan. The experience of working as a professional model afforded Atalanta further insight into running and styling a shoot.

Ron and Atalanta have worked on innumerable projects over the years. In 2009, they published their first compilation of portraits. A project that involved photographing more than 70 artists of different art mediums and genres, as seen through the eyes of the photographers.

Together they streamline all aspects of a shoot including lighting, styling, photographing, editing and post-production. Organizing shoots and collaborating on projects, both on location and in the studio - their skills, experience, keen eyes, and attention to detail, translate perfectly to compliment the vision of their clients.